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Greydwarves are hostile creatures that appear as groups in Black Forests. They attempt to get close to hit with their claws but will also throw rocks at distant targets. They avoid being near fire which makes a Torch and Campfires an easy way to defend against them.

Starred variants can be distinguished by having a red or blue skin.


Item 0 Star 1 Star 2 Star
Greydwarf eye.png Greydwarf eye 50% 2 4
Greydwarf trophy.png Greydwarf trophy 5% 5% 5%
Resin.png Resin 1 2 4
Stone.png Stone 1 2 4
Wood.png Wood 1 2 4


Type Limit Frequency Stars
Anywhere in Black Forest during the day time 4 Common Yes
Anywhere in Black Forest during the night time, despawn at dawn 6 Very common Yes
Anywhere in forests of Meadows during the night time after defeating Eikthyr, despawn at dawn 1 Common No
Anywhere in clearings of Meadows during the night time after defeating Eikthyr, despawn at dawn 2 Common No
Multiple spawn points near abandoned structures in Black Forest - One time Yes
From Greydwarf nests in Black Forest 3 12 seconds Yes
During "The forest is moving..." event before defeating The Elder 6 Very common No


  • As written on Rune Stones

    Let all who read me beware of the Greydwarfs, the skulkers in darkness, the soulless ones.They are born from rot and rainfall, they spring like mushrooms from the smoking soil. There is nothing on their tongues or behind their eyes, those who fear nothing should still fear them. When the soul of a murderer or a great sinner rots under the ground, it makes a hollow cyst which draws rock and wood and moss to it. It gathers up the peat into flesh, braids reeds into bone and takes rags for skin. It should not walk but when the night comes it walks. Should you who read this see one with a sword to your hand, lance it and let it out. Or put it to the torch, for it fears the flame.

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