Valheim Wiki

Global keys are used to track progress in game worlds.

Boss Keys[]

Boss keys determine which events and spawns are active.

  • defeated_bonemass — Set when killing Bonemass
  • defeated_gdking — Set when killing The Elder
  • defeated_goblinking — Set when killing Yagluth
  • defeated_dragon — Set when killing Moder
  • defeated_eikthyr — Set when killing Eikthyr
  • defeated_fader — Set when killing Fader
  • defeated_queen — Set when killing The Queen
  • KilledTroll — Set when killing a Troll
  • killed_surtling — Set when killing a Surtling
  • KilledBat — Set when killing a Bat

World Modifier Keys[]

Some values as a percentage of defaults, some toggled on or off (1 or 0 respectively), and some simply activated without any value specified.

(( Taken from version Valheim 0.217.29 (network version 17), 12th November 2023; WIP Some keys listed below still require definition and clarification))

  • activeBosses
  • AllPiecesUnlocked: All building recipes are unlocked
  • AllRecipesUnlocked: All crafting recipes are unlocked
  • Count
  • DeathDeleteItems: All items are permanently deleted on death
  • DeathDeleteUnequipped: Unequipped items are removed completely on death
  • DeathKeepEquip: Equipped items are retained when the players dies
  • DeathSkillsReset
  • DungeonBuild: When set, allows the building of structures inside dungeons (e.g crypts, tombs etc)
  • EnemyDamage: Damage done by mobs to players and other mobs (not structures)
  • EnemyLevelUpRate: The chances of mobs being starred. eg: 200 would give 20% chances of a creature being upgraded to 1 star and then 20% of those being further upgraded to 2 star (resulting in 16% and 4% chances in real terms)
  • EnemySpeedSize: Modifies the size and speed of mobs
  • EventRate: The frequency and chance of a raid being triggered with 100 being the standard 20% chance every 46 minutes. eg: 50 would give a 40% chance of a raid every 23 minutes
  • Fire
  • MoveStaminaRate: Rate stamina is expended for movement based activities such as running and jumping
  • NoBossPortals: Portals are disabled while bosses are active
  • NoBuildCost: Resources are not required when building
  • NoCraftCost: Resources are not required when crafting
  • NoMap: Disables map for all players.
  • NoPortals: Disables portals for all players.
  • NoWorkbench
  • PassiveMobs
  • PlayerDamage: Damage done by players to mobs
  • PlayerEvents: When set, raid events are player-based rather than world-based
  • Preset
  • ResourceRate: The rate at which resources are dropped
  • SkillGainRate
  • SkillReductionRate
  • StaminaRate: Modifies stamina use rate with 0 completely preventing stamina use
  • StaminaRegenRate: The rate at which stamina is regenerated
  • TeleportAll
  • WorldLevel
  • WorldLevelLockedTools

Console commands[]

Global keys can be manipulated with following console commands:

  • listkeys: Shows currently set global keys
  • setkey [name]: Adds the specified key
  • resetkeys: Removes all keys
  • removekey [name]: Removes the specified key.