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Fuling Villages are a point of interest located in Plains.


Fuling Villages are home to Fulings of all types, and are the only place you can find a Fuling totem. They are also the only place you can find Barley and Flax.


When raiding a Fuling Village, it is highly recommended to use a bow to dispatch the Fulings from afar. Thinning their numbers with ranged attacks before attempting melee combat is exceedingly effective. A fully upgraded Draugr Fang armed with poison arrows or needle arrows is capable of killing a normal, unaware Fuling in a single shot.

Aggroing too many Fulings at once may result in the the player being overwhelmed. Picking off Fulings with arrows will cut down on the number of enemies to fight, and it will often aggro small groups, which will be far easier to fight than the whole village.

Target the sentries in towers and Fuling shamans first: shooting sentries will draw away other Fulings near the tower, and shamans will shield themselves and other Fulings nearby with magic if they are alerted.

Running away is always a valid strategy if the player has enough energy to do so.

A Fuling Village swarming a Silver Age Viking. In this situation, running is the only viable strategy.


  • The roofs of many of the dwellings are covered in Deer hide, which can be destroyed to acquire the hide.
  • Fuling Villages will often be populated by a substantial number of Fulings, Fuling shamans, and Fuling Berserkers. It is not advised that ill-equipped players enter the village; Iron armor and weapons or better are recommended.
  • Be aware that chopping down trees in close proximity to a Fuling Village may cause Fulings to investigate. If you retreat before they are alerted to your presence, they will return to their village.
  • The Tanning racks in Fuling Villages are a good source of Flint, giving 5 Flint each when broken down.