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Fulings are small, goblin-like creatures found in Plains. They usually appear in groups and can be hard to deal with if multiple appear with stars.

They wield different weapons which determine their damage types and whether they attack in melee or from a range. They also have 33% chance to a have a shield but this is purely cosmetic.

  • 33%: Sword has a melee attack with slash damage.
  • 33%: Club has a melee attack with blunt damage.
  • 17%: Spear has a ranged attack with pierce damage.
  • 17%: Torch has a melee attack with blunt and fire damage.


Item 0 Star 1 Star 2 Star
Black metal scrap.png Black metal scrap 1 2 4
Coins.png Coins 5-9 (25%) 10-18 (50%) 20-36
Fuling trophy.png Fuling trophy 10% 10% 10%


Type Limit Frequency Stars
Anywhere in Plains during the day time 2 Uncommon Yes
Anywhere in Plains during the night time, despawn at dawn 5 Very common Yes
Anywhere in most biomes during the night time after Yagluth has been defeated, despawn at dawn 3 Uncommon No
Common spawn point in Fuling Villages and other structures - One time Yes
During "The horde is attacking" event 8 Very common No



Fulings have very high attack damage and are extremely dangerous for unprepared players. A player may quickly die even with fully upgraded armor and the best food in the game. However, most Fuling attacks have a relatively short range and can be avoided or parried with some practice. Because Fulings may counterattack during the player's own attack animations, the player must choose carefully when to attack. Due to the short height of the Fulings, a player's melee attack may miss when standing on uneven terrain.


A level 4 Huntsman bow along with Frost arrows or Needle arrows can one-shot a standard Fuling while undetected. Frost arrows have the further advantage of slowing them or even bringing them to a momentary halt. Silver and Obsidian Arrows are still effective, but have a lower chance of killing them instantly.

Due to the danger posed by large groups of attacking Fulings (which can kill a player in a matter of seconds), whittling down the enemies in a Fuling Village using ranged attacks is a sensible strategy. Individual Fuling or small groups can be easily baited into charging directly at the player if engaged with archery at extreme range (a direct hit is not necessary to get their attention). This gives plenty of opportunity to kill them as they try to close, especially if they have been slowed down by frost arrows.

In Groups

When fighting multiple Fulings, using Melee weapons with high knockback (such as clubs) can make their attacks miss when standing in even terrain. If choosing to fight in melee using either Porcupine or Frostner is recommended: of the two Porcupine deals more raw damage but the slowing effect on Frostner can be useful for breaking up crowds and slowing down incoming attacks. It can also be useful to carry a few Ooze Bombs while traveling in the plains; while the damage from Ooze Bombs is nowhere near enough to kill even a basic Fuling the usefulness of being able to whittle down the health of a group while being able to kite them around and avoid damage to yourself cannot be overstated. If there are any Fuling shamans, spear throwers or Berserkers, the player should kill them first, or focus on parrying their attacks. A thrown spear can be dodged by quickly changing direction with the correct timing.

Because the player can be hit by multiple attacks simultaneously, a single misstep when fighting a group of Fulings can lead to a quick death. Running away is always an option, although care must be taken for the ranged capabilities of the spear throwers.


  • Fulings have unusually sharp hearing and will be able to detect the player from a much longer distance than other enemies. Chopping down trees or mining ore is likely to attract their attention.
  • Fulings are relatively noisy. The distinctive sound of their chatter or laughter will often be the first sign that they are active in an area.
  • Fulings are particularly slow swimmers. Adventurers may use this to their advantage, for instance by jumping over a river (natural or player-made) whilst throwing arrows at their now slow targets.
  • While most creatures in Valheim take inspiration from counterparts in Norse mythology, the Fuling seem to be an exception. The closest parallel would be the Goblin, more traditionally used in fantasy works since their popularization within the Dungeons & Dragons setting. This is further indicated by them being named "Goblin" in the game files.
  • "Fuling" can be roughly translated into "ugly one" in modern Swedish.
  • Though exceptionally rare, it is possible for Fulings to spawn naked and weaponless. This happened while console commands were being used (though not to spawn anything). These Fulings do not take damage.
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