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Fish is a creature found in Valheim.


Fish can be caught by hand or using a Fishing rod and Fishing bait, which are acquired via the trader. You can obtain Raw fish by grabbing the fish with [E]. When catching fish by hand, stand still in shallow water and they will slowly approach. Move your cross hair over the fish and press [E]. It is also possible to chase fish into a shallow or narrow body of water to more easily catch them.

Fish come in different sizes and give different amounts of raw fish. Tuna give the most raw fish at 4 pieces. Tuna are found further out from shore and move much faster than other fish.


  • Swim range: Maximum distance from the spawn point.
  • Depth: Minimum and maxium water depth.
  • Speed: Movement speed.
  • Hook chance: Chance to get attracted to bobbers every 5 -15 seconds.
  • Stamina drain: Stamina usage when pulling.
  • Bobber pull: Force on the bobber when biting.
Type Drops Swim range Depth Speed Hook chance Stamina drain Bobber pull
Perch 1 Raw fish 10 m 1.5 m - 3 m 3 m/s 10% 4 per second 10
Pike 2 Raw fish 15 m 2 m - 4 m 5 m/s 10% 6 per second 15
Tuna 4 Raw fish 20 m 4 m - 999 m 10 m/s 10% 8 per second 20


Currently Fish can be cooked into the following dishes:


  • Fish cannot be attacked by players with any weapons, including ooze bombs or unarmed punches.
  • Fish can only be caught by hand or with a fishing pole.


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