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Fermenters are base structures used for fermenting mead and wine bases into meads, potions and wines.

They require a roof and 70% cover to function. Destroying a fermenter won't return back the mead or wine base.


The Cauldron can be used to brew mead bases, which are fermented into mead. Each mead base results in 6 finished products.

A fermenter cycle takes two in-game days.

Icon Mead base Materials required Icon Output (x6)
Barley wine base- Fire resistance.png
Barley wine base: Fire resistance
Fire resistance barley wine.png
Fire resistance barley wine
Mead base- Frost resistance.png
Mead base: Frost resistance
Frost resist mead.png
Frost resistance mead
Mead base- Minor healing.png
Mead base: Minor healing
Minor healing mead.png
Minor healing mead
Mead base- Medium healing.png
Mead base: Medium healing
Medium healing mead.png
Medium healing mead
Mead base- Minor stamina.png
Mead base: Minor stamina
Minor stamina mead.png
Minor stamina mead
Mead base- Minor stamina.png
Mead base: Medium stamina
Medium stamina mead.png
Medium stamina mead
Mead base- Minor stamina.png
Mead base: Poison resistance
Poison resistance mead.png
Poison resistance mead
Mead base- Tasty.png
Mead base: Tasty
Tasty mead.png
Tasty mead