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Fenrings are large, black werewolf-like creatures found in middle of Mountains during the night time. They have much higher health than Wolves but attack more slowly.


Item 0 Star
Fenring trophy.png Fenring trophy 10%
Wolf fang.png Wolf fang 1


Type Limit Frequency Stars
Anywhere in Mountains during the night time, despawn at dawn 2 Uncommon No


Fenrings have moderate attack and move speeds.

Fenrings have 2 attacks:

  • Regular swing
  • Preparing for attack with a crouch move followed by a front jump with a swing/slam.

Be careful when fighting them in melee since they recover from parry almost instantly.


  • The name "Fenring" seems to derive from Fenrir, the same way Surtlings derive from Surt. Fenrir (sometimes spelled Fenris) is a giant wolf from Norse mythology who will swallow the god Odin during Twilight of the Gods.
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