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Fader is the seventh boss. He appears as a charred, skeletal dragon which emanates a green glow from orifices and gaps in his body.


The emerald flame's summoning altar can be found in a coliseum-like structure in the Ashlands. The Vegvisir can be found in the central tower of Charred fortresses, revealing the nearest summoning altar on the map. Fader can be summoned by placing three Bells around the coliseum. It takes three Bell fragments to craft one bell. Bell fragments can be found in charred fortresses around the Ashlands.

Attacks and abilities[]

Close range attacks[]

  • Fader spins and attacks the surrounding area, similar to the Fallen Valkyrie's spin attack
  • Fader swipes his paw in an area in an arc in front of him
  • Fader lunges a bit and bites


Fader rises up and stomps onto the ground, calling down meteors that leave green flame on the ground for a bit.


Fader raises one of his paws and stomps down, summoning a path of green flame indicators that follow the player for a bit. After a while, spikes raise up from the indicated zones and leave spikes for some time, followed by an even longer lasting, highly damaging flame pool.

Fire breath[]

Fader charges up and releases a line of lingering fire, similar to Yagluth's fire breath attack.


Fader shoots glowing orbs out of his mouth, summoning summoned charred warriors and summoned charred marksmans.



Item 0 Star 1 Star 2 Star
Fader relic Fader relic 5 ? ?
Fader trophy Fader trophy 100% ? ?

Forsaken power[]

Fader's forsaken power gives 300 extra carry weight and +10% movement speed.



  • "Fader" is a formal word in Swedish for "father".
  • Fader is frequently referred to as "the Emerald One" or "the Emerald Flame". Interestingly, "The Emerald One" is the title used to mark his location on the Vegvesir.