Will the game be free on release, where and where will it release? Edit

The game is planned to release as EA on steam and will not be free. As of the date of the release, most likely when it's done.

Do I have to manually redownload Valheim every time there is a new update? Edit

No. Absolutely not. You can download the app and it will keep it updated. Pretty neat huh?

Get it here -

Who is making this game? Edit

The person making this game is Dvoid. He has made this game as it is and will keep improving it.

Dvoids Edit

Dvoids twitter Edit

No one can join my server. How do I fix this? Edit

 Go through this small guide and you might be able to host a Valheim server. 

First way Edit

  • First check if you have UPNP enabled on in your router settings. If UPNP is enabled on your router and your server still does not show as UPNP available in the server list you need to do a manual port forward in your router of TCP port 2456 to your local PC. Check your router manual on how to do this.
  • The problem can be from the firewall as well. You can either make it to allow Valheim.exe to go through it or just disable it fully.
  • If you have multiple network interfaces configured the game will use the primary one. Consult your os manual on how to set interface priority.


  • Go to
  • Create an account & download the client
  • Install the EVOLVE client.
  • Navigate to Control Panel > Device Manager. Open Network Adapters and find "Evolve Virtual Ethernet Adapter".
  • Right click Evolve Virtual Ethernet Adapter > Properties, navigate to Advanced tab and set MAC Address to 0
  • Open EVOLVE client and add your friend to your friend list.
  • Click the Friends tab > Create party..
  • Click the blue Send Party invite and invite your friend/s via URL or Using their name.
  • After the party is all setup in EVOLVE, notice how all of you now have an IP address next to your names. EX:
  • Open Valheim. One of you has to create a server and the others have to select Join Game
  • Once you select your character, enter the host's EVOLVE IP. EX:
  • You should now be able to play with your friends. HAVE FUN!

Keep in mind - The game is in alpha there will be problems that is for sure. That means sometimes the suggested fixes will not work.

How to play? Edit

  1. Keys
  2. How to make a weapon?
  3. How to unlock recipe?
  4. How to build?
  5. What to eat?
  6. How to go back home?
  7. How to retrieve my lost item after death?
  8. How to stop freezing on the mountain?