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There are a number of random events that can occur in Valheim. Most events are a hostile attack on players, announced with the event's message at the top of the screen and a red circle on the mini map, followed by lots of spawned enemies closing in to the players location. For an event to end, a player must stay in the active event area until the timer runs out. The event timer is paused if there are no players in the event area.

Events have a 20% chance of starting every 46 minutes if there is a player within 40 meters of at least 3 base structures (except for the "You are being hunted..." event which doesn't require player base). The event is randomly selected from available events.

List of Raid Events

The Event "Creatures of the Forest" is started in Valheim.

Available events are based on which enemies have been defeated in that world and which biome the player is currently standing in. In the table below this is the Enabled by and Disabled by columns and the Biome column respectively.

Some events can be disabled permanently by defeating a boss, others cannot be disabled once they are made available (aside from console commands. See Global Keys for more info).

Creature deaths (boss or otherwise) are tracked per world, not per character.

Event Name Start message End message Creatures Enabled by Disabled by Biome Duration (Seconds)
army_eikthyr "Eikthyr rallies the creatures of the forest" "The creatures are calming down" Boars and Necks Start of the world Eikthyr Meadows or Black Forest 90
army_theelder "The forest is moving..." "The forest rests again" Greydwarfs, Greydwarf brutes and Greydwarf shamans Eikthyr The Elder Meadows, Black Forest, Swamp or Plains 120
army_bonemass "A foul smell from the swamp" "The smell is gone" Draugr and Skeletons The Elder Bonemass Meadows, Black Forest, Swamp, Mountain or Plains 150
army_moder "A cold wind blows from the mountains" "The cold wind is gone" Drakes

(Also applies Freezing on the area)

Bonemass Moder Meadows, Black Forest, Swamp, Mountain or Plains 150
army_goblin "The horde is attacking" "The horde is retreating" Fulings, Fuling Berserkers and Fuling shamans Moder Yagluth Meadows, Black Forest or Plains 120
foresttrolls "The ground is shaking" "The shakes starts to fade" Trolls Troll and The Elder Meadows, Black Forest, Swamp or Plains 80
blobs "A foul smell from the swamp" "The smell is gone" Blobs and Oozers Bonemass Meadows, Black Forest, Swamp or Plains 120
skeletons "Skeleton Surprise" "Skeletons are tired of fighting" Skeletons and Rancid remains Bonemass Meadows, Black Forest, Swamp, Plains or Mistlands 120
surtlings "There's a smell of sulfur in the air" "The smell is fading" Surtlings Surtling and Bonemass Meadows, Black Forest, Swamp or Plains 120
wolves "You are being hunted" "The hunt is over" Wolves Bonemass Mountain or Plains 120

Spawning Mechanics

  • Enemies can spawn in any biome, weather or time of the day.
  • Spawned enemies are always in the hunt mode (easier targeting, harder to drop aggro).
  • "Max spawn" means the max amount and how many spawns are attempted when the event starts.
  • "Suppression distance" is not listed as it is always 10 meters.
  • Altitude is from 0 to 1000 unless otherwise mentioned.
Name Chance Interval Max spawn Other
Neck 100 % 20 s 2
Boar 100 % 20 s 2
Fuling 58.2 % 10 s 8 Group 1-4 with 1 m radius
Fuling Berserker 47 % 20 s 2
Fuling shaman 47 % 20 s 1
Greydwarf 100 % 5 s 6 No suppression distance, group 1-3 with 3 m radius
Greydwarf shaman 100 % 5 s 1
Greydwarf brute 100 % 5 s 1
Greylling 100 % 5 s 4 No suppression distance, group 1-3 with 3 m radius
Wolf 100 % 2 s 6
Skeleton 100 % 10 s 20 At least -1 meter altitude, group 4-6 with 4 m radius
Rancid remains 54 % 15 s 1
army_bonemass Forces swamprain
Draugr 100 % 5 s 3 At least -1 meter altitude
Skeleton 100 % 5 s 6 At least -1 meter altitude
army_moder Forces snow
Drake 100 % 10 s 3 At least -1 meter altitude, 90 max tilt, 10 m offset from ground
blobs Forces thunderstorm
Blob 100 % 2 s 5 At least -1 meter altitude, group 1-3 with 1 m radius
Oozer 100 % 10 s 2 At least -1 meter altitude
Troll 100 % 20 s 2
surtlings Forces ashrain
Surtling 100 % 2 s 4 At least 1 meter altitude

God Appearances

These events are not signaled with a message onscreen or on the minimap.

  • Odin Event: At night, if The Elder has been defeated, there is a low chance that Odin will spawn in the distance and stare at the player. He is neutral and will disappear in a puff of smoke if a player gets within 20 meters of him.
  • Thor Event: During a storm there is a low chance that Thor will briefly fly across the sky, surrounded by lightning.


  • The event area (96 meters radius) is significantly bigger than the visual red circle (64 meters radius).
    • In multiplayer, the event timer ticks when any of the players are in the event area.
    • However event enemies are only spawned when the zone owner is in the event area.
  • Events won't trigger for players who are inside dungeons. Similarly being in a dungeon won't progress events even when inside the event area.
  • If an event is already running when a new one triggers, the previous event will automatically end.
  • The biome check uses the exact biome at the player's position (which can be seen when hovering the bigger minimap) instead of the average biome based on zone corners (which can be seen on the smaller minimap).
  • "Skeleton Surprise" is the only event that can happen in Mistlands.
  • Base structures suppress spawns which affect where enemies can spawn during the events. Large coverage of base structures may completely prevent enemy spawning.
    • Enemies are spawned 40-80 meters from players which allows them to spawn outside the event area.
  • The source of death for a creature is not tracked. Therefore, despite a player's best efforts to not kill a certain creature to avoid certain events, the environment (e.g. a Surtling walking into water) or a neighboring biome (Lox fighting a Troll) can unlock those events for that world.
  • Event enemies spawn in "hunt mode" which makes them always alerted and also know where players are located within 200 meters.
  • An event spawning Blobs and Oozers can't deal damage to structures, so players that close their doors are not in any danger.