There are a number of random events that can occur in Valheim. Getting started in the game the first event will be a kind of "mini raid" from the first boss Eikthyr which will be indicated by a fully red circle with an exclamation mark in the middle, spawning near the player(s). It will also be announced on the screen. The event will last for about 2-3 minutes and all nearby hostile mobs will move to the red circle and fight the player(s). The raid is mostly easy as the enemies range from level 1 boars to greydwarfs or greylings and get harder as the player progresses through the game.

In Valheim the following types of events can be triggered randomly:

On your mini map the center of the event (where the creatures will attack) is indicated by a red symbol, but you always will see a message announcing the beginning of events.<

Story-Based Events

The Event "Creatures of the Forest" is started in Valheim.

Story-based events rely on your progress in the Valheim story. They can be triggered when specific conditions are true, they will no longer be triggered when a specific task is fulfilled. Story-based events are triggered in a specific order, so these events will not overlap each other (see Overlapping of Events for an example). Story-based events can be triggered when you are close to your base or structure. Your base or structure needs a workbench.

Event Name Event start message Event end message Creatures attacking Trigger Condition Duration (Seconds)
army_eikthyr "Eikthyr rallies the creatures of the forest" "The creatures are calming down" Boars and Necks Can be triggered until you kill the 1st boss Eikthyr 90
army_theelder "The forest is moving..." "The forest rests again" Greydwarfs, Greydwarf brutes, and Greydwarf shamans Can be triggered after you beat Eikthyr and until you kill the 2nd boss The Elder 120
army_bonemass "A foul smell from the swamp" "The smell is gone" Draugar and Skeletons Can be triggered after you beat The Elder and until you kill the 3rd boss Bonemass 150
army_moder "A cold wind blows from the mountains" "The cold wind is gone" Drakes

(Also applies Freezing regardless of player's location)

Can be triggered after you beat Bonemass and until you kill the 4th boss Moder 150
army_goblin "The horde is attacking" "The horde is retreating" Fulings, Fuling Berserkers, and Fuling shamans Can be triggered after you beat Moder until you kill the 5th boss Yagluth 120

Enemy-Based Events

Enemy-Based Events are triggered after you killed a specific number of enemies. These events can overlap with Story-Based events (see Overlapping of Events for an example). You should keep this in mind before attacking stronger enemies. Enemy-Based Events can happen anywhere in the world.

Event Name Event start message Event end message Creatures attacking Trigger Condition Duration (Seconds)
skeletons "Skeleton Surprise" "Skeletons are tired of fighting" Skeletons and Rancid remains Have defeated Bonemass 120
blobs Blobs and Oozers Have defeated Bonemass 120
foresttrolls "The ground is shaking" "The shakes start to fade" Trolls Have defeated The Elder and killed 1 Troll 80
wolves "You are being hunted" "The hunt is over" Wolves 120
surtlings "There's a smell of sulfur in the air" "The smell is fading" Surtlings Have defeated Bonemass and killed 1 Surtling 120

God Appearances

These events are not signaled with a message onscreen or on the minimap.

  • Odin Event: At night there is a low chance that Odin will spawn at a distance from you and stare. He is neutral and will disappear in a puff of smoke if you get within 20 meters.
  • Thor Event: During a storm there is a low chance that Thor will briefly fly across the sky, surrounded by lightning.

Overlapping of Events

When you are in a specific progress in the story so a Story-Based event can be triggered, then also an Enemy-Based event can be triggered (when you have killed a specific number of enemies).


  • You have already killed Eikthyr and also killed The Elder, but you did not yet kill Bonemass. Now the Story-Based event "Army of Bonemass" can be triggered, where Draugar and Skeletons are attacking your base (when the basic conditions for events are fulfilled).
  • When you also have killed at least one troll, then the Enemy-Based event "Trolls" or the Story-Based event "Army of The Bonemass" can be triggered (but not both events at the same time).

So here you can get surprised by Trolls attacking your base or by Draugar and Skeletons.


  • If you plan to avoid the event by leaving the red circle altogether, it will simply wait for your return and never go away.
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