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Eikthyr is the first boss of Valheim. He appears as an abnormally large stag with iron chains wrapped around his electrified red antlers.


Eikthyr's Forsaken Altar.

Eikthyr's Forsaken altar is located in the Meadows. To the left of his Sacrificial Stone is a small glowing Runestone called a Vegvisir; interacting with it will add his closest summoning location on the map.

He is summoned by placing 2 Deer trophy.png Deer trophy in his Forsaken altar in the Meadows. Like all bosses, Eikthyr can be resummoned as many times as desired, provided the required materials are met.

Attacks and abilities

Main article: Boss Strategies

Eikthyr has three types of attacks in addition to an environmental aura that forces darkness and removes raining.


A melee attack with his antlers (20 Pierce, 1000 Chop and 1000 Pickaxe damage).

Lightning bolt

A ranged attack (15 Lightning damage).


A large area of effect attack (15 Lightning damage).


Defeating Eikthyr allows the player to craft the first pickaxe to begin mining ore to create metal tools, weapons, and armor.


Item 0 Star
Eikthyr trophy.png Eikthyr trophy 1
Hard antler.png Hard antler 3

Forsaken power

See Eikthyr's power.


Defeating Eikthyr affects the following events for that world:

  • Disables: "Eikthyr rallies the creatures of the forest"
  • Enables: "The forest is moving..." (if The Elder hasn't been defeated)

Creature spawning

Defeating Eikthyr unlocks Greydwarves to spawn in the Meadows at night. They can only have 0 stars.



  • Eikthyr is likely a reference to Eikþyrnir, a stag which stands upon Valhalla in Norse mythology.
  • When Eikthyr's trophy is mounted on an item mount, he will sometimes say "So you were my death? You look so small and soft... Tell Odin he may have broken this form but the wilderness will never submit to his rules..."
  • Eikthyr is sometimes known as "deer" in the game files.
  • Eikthyr is susceptible to spirit damage, but there are no early game weapons with spirit damage to make use of this weakness. By the time that weapons with spirit damage are available, the player should not have any difficulty fighting Eikthyr anyways.
  • There is reference to a "Horned One" on one of the Runestones that can be found in the Meadows, which can be assumed to be Eikthyr:

Hold, traveller, and bear witness to my warning. We are many who have come before you, carried here by Odin's will to do his work. The path ahead is hard and the dangers great. If you hold your life dear, keep to these meadows and make your dwelling away from the trees. Fear the Horned One and spare his kin.

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