Eikthyr is a boss in Valheim.


Eikthyr is the first boss of Valheim. He is a large stag, wrapped with chains and with electrified antlers.


To the left of Eikthyr's Sacrificial Stone is a small glowing Runestone called a Vegvisir; interacting with it will add Eikthyr's summoning location to the map.


Eikthyr is summoned at his Forsaken altar, called a Mystical altar, by offering 2 Deer trophies. Multiple Mystical altars can be found in the Meadows biomes in your world.

Attacks & Abilities

Eikthyr has three different attacks:

  • A melee attack with his antlers (20 Pierce, 2000 Terrain damage).
  • A ranged attack (15 Lightning damage).
  • A large AoE attack (15 Lightning damage).
  • Environment aura that forces darkness and removes raining.


Eikthyr can be easily defeated with a Wood shield and Flint spear. His attacks are easily blocked, and striking him with the spear in between attacks allows the player to whittle him down in under three minutes. Alternatively, he can be kited relatively easily with a Crude bow and arrows.

With enough patience, a Finewood bow can be acquired before defeating Eikthyr, using physics damage to knock and break down oak or birch trees for Fine wood. Fire arrows provide more damage by applying the Burning effect.

Eating a good meal of three different foods (e.g. 1 Cooked meat, 1 Grilled neck tail, and 1 Raspberry or Mushroom) is recommended, for maximum health and stamina. It is also recommended to gain the Rested Effect before summoning Eikthyr.



Item 0 Star 1 Star 2 Star
Eikthyr trophy.png Eikthyr trophy 1
Hard antler.png Hard antler 3

Forsaken Power

Upon killing Eikthyr, his trophy will be dropped. Bringing this trophy to the spawn will allow you to mount it on the hook hanging from his respective stone. (You must activate the hook, not the stone it is hanging on.) This enables the player to activate Eikthyr's Forsaken Power. (By default Forsaken Powers are activated by pressing F). While the power is activated, the player will have 60% less stamina drain when running and jumping for 5 minutes. This ability has a 20 minute cooldown period.


Defeating Eikthyr will also stop his story-based raid events, which cause Boars and Necks to attack, but may unlock the raid event of the 2nd boss.


  • Eikthyr is likely a reference to Eikþyrnir, a stag which stands upon Valhalla in Norse mythology.
  • When Eikthyr's trophy is mounted on an item mount, he will sometimes say "So you were my death? You look so small and soft... Tell Odin he may have broken this form but the wilderness will never submit to his rules..."
  • Eikthyr is sometimes known as "deer" in the game files.


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