Draugr Fang is an item found in Valheim.


A bow carved from ancient bark and forged with silver, imbued with guck to give it a venomous effect. With a deer hide wrapped handle the Draugr Fang becomes a serious danger for anything in your way.


It can be unlocked when you acquire Ancient bark, Silver and Guck.

Upgrade information

Draugr Fang stats
Quality 1 2 3 4
Durability 100 150 200 250
Pierce 47 50 53 56
Poison 5 10 15 20
Crafting recipe

• 10 Ancient bark

• 20 Silver

• 2 Deer hide

• 10 Guck

• 5 Ancient bark

• 10 Silver

• 2 Deer hide

• 2 Guck

• 10 Ancient bark

• 20 Silver

• 4 Deer hide

• 4 Guck

• 15 Ancient bark

• 30 Silver

• 6 Deer hide

• 6 Guck

Forge level 2 3 4 5


  • The Draugr Fang bow is currently the strongest ranged attack weapon in Valheim. Its added poison damage is particularly effective against Fulings in the Plains biome.
  • The poison effect from the bow stacks with that of the poison arrows.
  • The glow effect of the bow makes you slightly easier to detect while sneaking


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