Valheim Wiki
Developer console screenshot

The developer console, displaying the output of the help command.

The developer console, or just console, is an in-game interface for entering text-based commands used for debugging, cheating and server administration.

Enabling the console[]

To be able to use console commands, the console has to be enabled. There are multiple different ways depending on the game's version.


  1. Right-click Valheim in the Steam library.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. In the General tab, look for the Launch Options field.
  4. In it, type "-console".
  5. Close the window.
  6. Press F5 in-game to open the console window.

PC Game Pass

  1. Navigate to the game's installation folder. Typically, it is C:\XboxGames\Valheim\Content.
  2. In that folder, find Valheim.exe.
  3. Right-click Valheim.exe and select Create shortcut.
  4. Drag the shortcut to the desktop or preferred location.
  5. Right-click the shortcut and select Properties.
  6. In the Shortcut tab, add "-console" to the end of the Target field.
  7. Click Apply, then click OK.
  8. Launch the game from the shortcut.
  9. Press F5 in-game to open the console window.

Xbox Game Pass

  1. While in game hold: LB + RB + MENU.
  2. Press A to bring up the keyboard.


  1. Create a text file in TextEdit (or similar) and name it in a suitable place in your system
  2. Open the file and enter the following text:
    #!bin/bash /Applications/ -console
  3. Run the file to open Valheim with the console enabled.
  4. Use F5 in-game to open the console window

GeForce Now

  1. Enable family sharing mode in Steam either via the client or the website (instructions via Steam). Do not add Valheim to the whitelist.
  2. Open Valheim using GeForce Now.
  3. Enter the PIN you set up in step 1, this will take you to the Steam client within GFN.
  4. Enable the console using the instructions for Steam above.
  5. Start the game.
  6. This will need doing every session as your settings will be reset when the session ends.


Player commands[]

Player commands do not require devcommands and can be used from the chat window. Typing "/" and clicking tab shows available commands.

Command Effect Note
bind [keybode] [command] Binds a custom command to a Unity keycode. -
challenge Challenge emote. -
cheer Cheer emote. -
clear Clears the console window. -
cr Unloads unused assets Happens by default every 20 minutes, but this commands forces a fresh unload.
fov [number] Changes field of view. -
hidebetatext Toggles beta text visibility. -
help [page] [pages = 5] Shows the available commands. Optional parameters allow showing only some part of the commands. For example "help 2 4" shows the second quarter.
info Prints the current system information -
lodbias [number] Sets the draw distance for the server. The number can be set from 1 to 5.
nomap Toggles map visibility. If the server, also toggles the nomap global key.
noportals Toggles portals. If the server, toggles the noportals global key.
nonono Nonono emote. -
optterrain Converts all the old terrain modifications (before Update 0.150.3) in the nearby area to the new system. -
point Point emote. -
ping Pings the server to measure latency. -
printbinds Prints current custom command binds. -
printseeds Prints seeds and positions of nearby dungeons. -
resetbinds Removes all custom commands binds. -
resetsharedmap Removes shared map data from cartography table. -
resetspawn Resets the spawn location. -
respawn Kills the character. -
restartparty Restarts the playfab party network. -
s Shouts a chat message. -
say Says a chat message. -
sit Sit emote. -
thumbsup Thumbs up emote. -
tutorialreset Resets viewed tutorial messages. -
tutorialtoggle Toggles whether the tutorials are shown. -
unbind [keycode] Clears all custom command binds from a Unity keycode. -
wave Wave emote. -
W [player name] Whispers a chat message to a player. -

Admin commands[]

Various admin utilities. Only available when player's SteamID is in the admin list.

Command Effect Note
ban [name/ip/userID] Bans the named user. -
banned Shows a full list of banned users. -
kick [name/ip/userID] Kicks the named user. -
save Forces the game to save. -
unban [name/ip/userID] Unbans the named user. -

Cheat commands[]

To activate cheat commands, type devcommands and press enter. To deactivate cheat commands, type devcommands and press enter again. The cheat commands are available in singleplayer mode only. They do not work on a multiplayer server.

Command Effect Note
addstatus [name] Adds a status effect. For example: Rested, Burning, SoftDeath, Wet, etc.
aggravate Aggravates neutrals within 20 meters. -
beard [beard#] Permanently changes your beard. Entering this command without an argument removes your beard.
clearstatus Removes any status effects (good and bad). -
dpsdebug Toggles dps debug print on and off. -
env [env] Sets debug environment. Variables: Clear, Twilight_Clear, Misty, Darklands_dark, Heath clear, DeepForest Mist, GDKing, Rain, LightRain, ThunderStorm, Eikthyr, GoblinKing, nofogts, SwampRain, Bonemass, Snow, Twilight_Snow, Twilight_SnowStorm, SnowStorm, Moder, Ashrain, Crypt, SunkenCrypt.
exploremap Reveals the entire map. -
event [name] Starts the named event. -
ffsmooth 1 Adds smooth movements to free camera. "ffsmooth 0" will reset smooth movements to normal.
forcedelete [radius=5] [*name] Removes objects within given radius (up to 50 meters). If ID is given, only objects that contain the name on their ID. Following objects are never removed: Players and tombstones, Valkyrie, Points of Interests (locations), Dungeons and their rooms, Vegvisirs, Boss stones at the start temple.
find [text] [pingmax] Finds matching objects and pings them on the map. Pingmax defaults to 1; If greater, will place pins on the map instead.
findtp [text] Finds matching objects and teleports the player to the nearest match.
fly Toggles the fly mode. Same as in the debug mode.
freefly Toggles the free camera. -
gc Shows garbage collection information. -
genloc Redistributes all unplaced locations. -
ghost Toggle the ghost mode (enemies ignore you). -
god Enables the god mode. -
goto [x] [z] Teleports player to the specified coordinates. -
hair [hair#] Permanently changes your hair. Entering this command without an argument removes your hair.
heal Heals you to full health. -
itemset [name] [keep] Spawns a premade item set. Without "keep" flag, current items will be dropped.
  • Meadows: Skills set to 1. Wood/flint weapons with a Bronze pickaxe.
  • BlackForest: Skills set to 10. Wood/flint weapons.
  • Swamps: Skills set to 10-20. Bronze weapons and armor.
  • Mountains: Skills set to 25. Iron weapons and armor.
  • Plains: Skills set to 35. Silver weapons and wolf armor.
  • PlainsBoss: Skills set to 40. Blackmetal weapons and padded armor.
  • Mistlands: Skills set to 70. Upgraded Blackmetal weapons, padded armor.
  • MistlandsGear: Skills set to 70. Mistlands weapons and carapace armor.
  • MistlandsMage: Skills set to 70. Eitr armor, all magical staffs and Eitr food.
  • MistlandsWarrior. Skill set to 70. MIstlands weapons and carapace armor.
  • Fisherman: Skills set to 40. Fishing rod, 50 of each bait, 5 of each Fish and Fenris armor.
killall Kills nearby enemies and tamed creatures. -
killenemies Kills nearby enemies. -
killtame Kills nearby tamed creatures. -
listkeys Lists all global keys. -
location [name] Spawns a location instance. Permanently disables saving.
location [name] SAVE Spawns a location instance. Saving is not disabled.
model [0-1] Switches character model from masculine to feminine. -
nextseed Forces the next dungeon to a seed (regenerates it). Permanently disables saving.
nocost Toggles the no cost mode. Same as in the debug mode.
players [number] Adjusts the difficulty scale. Enter 0 to reset difficulty.
pos Shows player coordinates. -
printcreatures Prints the counts and levels of active creatures. -
printlocations Prints the loaded locations and their distances and offsets to the player. -
puke Resets fullness/hunger, returning you to default Health/Stamina. -
raiseskill [skill] [amount] Raises (or lowers) the named skill by the value entered. -
randomevent Starts a random event. -
recall [name] Teleports all players matching the name to your position. Without name, teleports all players.
removebirds Removes all active birds. -
removedrops Removes all items drops in the area. Same as in the debug mode.
removefish Removes all active fish. -
removekey [name] Removes a global key. -
resetcharacter Resets all of your character data. -
resetenv Resets the debug environment. -
resetkeys [name] Removes all global keys. [name] parameter does not do anything.
resetmap Hides entire map. -
resetskill [skill] Sets specified skill level to 0. -
resetwind Resets the wind angle and intensity. -
save Forces the game to save the current world state. -
setfuel [value] Adds value amount of fuel to all nearby fire sources Negative values will reduce the level of fuel in fire sources down to zero.
setkey [name] Adds a global key. -
setpower [name] Sets the current Forsaken power and resets the cooldown For example: GP_Eikthyr, GP_TheElder, etc.
skiptime [seconds = 240] Skips forward, changing day number and time of day. This does not update timestamps of objects which causes issues when going back in the time.
  • Spawn zones stop spawning enemies until the time is back to the original.
  • Animals and plants stop growing until the time is back to the original.
  • Fermenters, Smelters and Kilns may stop working until the time is back to the original (but this can be easily fixed by destroying them).
sleep Skips forward one day. -
spawn [entity name] [amount] [level] Spawns specified entity. See ItemIDs for a list of spawnable entities.
  • If the entity name ends with a star (*), the command spawns each entity that contains the entity name.
  • All item drops will be spawned one by one. Spawning thousands of items can make the game freeze before the item drops get autostacked.
  • Level only affects creatures. High level creatures (level 10+) can make the game freeze on death by dropping thousands of items.
  • Some spawnable entites can not be removed from the game without using mods.
stopevent Stops the current event. -
tame Tames all nearby tameable Creatures. -
test [value] Toggles a test value. "oldcomfort" Reverts to old non-optimized comfort calculation.
time Shows the current time and whether sleeping is possible. -
timescale [target = 1] [fadetime = 0] Sets the speed of time. Up to 3x speed. Fadetime sets the transition duration.
  • Value 0 pauses the game. Freefly works while paused.
tod [0-1] Sets time of day. 0 and 1 are both midnight. 0.5 is noon. -1 revert to default.
wind [angle] [intensity] Adjusts the direction and intensity of the wind.
  • "angle" = degree vector from 0 to 360 (0 is wind from south, 270 is wind from east).
  • "intensity" = value from 0 to 1.0.
  • For example: "wind 90 0.5" gives a moderate strength wind blowing from west to east.

Debug mode[]

The debug mode can be entered to access more cheats such as toggle fly or building without a workbench or resources. It can be entered by typing and executing the command debugmode in the console. Executing it again will exit the debug mode.

Key Action
B Toggle for creative mode building, no workbench or resources needed.
K Kills nearby enemies (excluding tamed creatures).
L Removes nearby item drops.
Z Toggle to fly. Spacebar gives you altitude, Ctrl brings you back down.
Ctrl + MMB (on map) Teleport to cursor location.
Shift + C Set time to day.