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The Deep North is a biome in Valheim.


A vast, snowy biome, found in the extreme north of Valheim. The Deep North is barren of any resources but the occasional mound of rock. Sheets of ice float along the shores, a potential danger to any ship attempting to land here. At higher altitudes the Deep North may transition into a Mountain biome. Like Mountains, the Deep North is freezing cold and the player must wear frost resistant clothes or drink Frost resistance mead in order to prevent continuous Freezing damage. Other than Creatures traversing beyond the borders of adjacent Mountains, there are as of yet no confirmed Creature spawns in the Deep North. The Deep North is always found in North.

Barley Barley.png No
Beech seeds Beech seeds.png No
Carrot Carrot.png No
Flax Flax.png No
Fir cone Fir cone.png No
Pine cone Pine cone.png No
Seed-carrot X No
Seed-turnip Seedturnip.png No
Turnip Turnip.png No


  • The content for this biome is unfinished, and has yet to be developed.
  • The Deep North is adjacent to the Mistlands, Mountain, and Ocean biomes.
  • Frost resistant Wolf Armor and a Lox cape or Wolf fur cape is not enough to prevent Freezing damage in the Deep North when wet. Make sure to craft some Frost resistance mead to prevent Freezing damage since the weather while exploring the Ocean is unpredictable. Mark nearby Portal locations and keep Campfire materials on-hand to also escape death by freezing.
  • Icebergs and ice sheets can be destroyed with a Pickaxe, but they do not drop anything.
  • Deep North is possibly a reference to Niflheim, the realm in the north made of ice in Norse mythology.


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