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  1. Follow the existing format on the page. If you need assistance with this, see fandom/gamepedia's Table Help Page or contact an Active Member.
    • Dates: YYYY-MM-DD
    • Price per Slot: USD
  2. Providers are listed in alphabetical order. Please insert your listing accordingly.
  3. Some providers have different consumer facing URLs that lead to the same billing panel. List only one website per billing panel.
  4. The only users who may edit or remove a listing are Wiki Admins and the user who added the listing.
    • If the listing of someone else's service is incorrect, make a post on the Talk Page and provide any links and information necessary to confirm your claim and an admin will investigate.
    • Editing or removing listings you have not added will result in a temporary or permanent block on your account and potential removal of your own listing.
    • The only exceptions are for fixing formatting that breaks the table or otherwise affects other listings, in which the listed information should not be altered, or to undo vandalism of listings.
  5. When editing your own listing, please update the date on it. Listings that go for over 3 months without an update or appear otherwise abandoned risk removal at admin discretion.
    • It is acceptable to change the update date on your own listing every month or two simply to show that you are not ignoring it.