Valheim Wiki

The Day and Night Cycle is a key gameplay feature.

Sleeping in a Bed or Dragon bed will skip the night. In worlds with multiple players online, everyone logged in has to be sleeping in a bed in order for the next day to start.


  • Valheim days are 21 minutes long, with nights being 9 minutes long. A full loop is 30 minutes.
    • A decent way to keep time in Valheim is by sleeping with comfort 14. This will give you 21 minutes of the rested bonus, though spending time in a comfortable area will prevent the timer from going down.
  • Each 1 minute and 15 seconds in real time is equivalent to 1 hour in a Valheim day.
  • The day starts when there is a popup announcing the new day (eg. Day 12). There is also a musical cue that can be heard, though the popup is much more noticeable.
    • The 24 hour equivalent is 3:36.
  • When the day starts the player will have to wait 10 minutes and 30 seconds before they are able to go to bed.
  • The night starts when the 'You feel cold' announcement pops up when standing outside (this will not appear if the player is wearing cold-resistant armor or is under the effect of a frost resistance mead). There is also a musical cue that can be heard.
    • The 24 hour equivalent is 20:24.
  • Packs of the respective biome's hostile mobs spawn frequently at night.
    • Additionally, some mobs only spawn at night, like the 1 and 2 star wolves, and fenring.
    • The Sea Serpent can spawn at night (or during rain, but either way it must spawn in the ocean).
  • There is a high chance that a thick fog will limit visibility in the plains towards dusk and especially dawn, though it is not limited to these time frames only.