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The Cultivator is an item in Valheim.

Using the cultivator on a patch of land will cultivate the land, making it ready to plant seeds.

With the Grass mode the player can regrow grass on patches of dirt, regrow lily pads on water, create sand on the shoreline and regrow cattails in certain areas around the shore.


Made at a Forge. Becomes available to craft once the player has obtained bronze and core wood.

General information

The cultivator is a farming tool for tilling soil, planting seeds, and restoring damaged environments.

Be careful using the cultivator to prepare land that is a mixture of large flat rocks and soil. The cultivator sometimes covers flat rock with a thin film of soil which will appear to be cultivatable, but when seeds are planted on it, they will come up brown with a message that they need more room to grow. This is because the soil in that area is too shallow to support crops.

Upgrade information

Cultivator stats
Quality 1 2 3
Durability 200 400 600
Crafting Recipe
Forge level required 1 2 3