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Creatures can be split to four categories:

  • Passive creatures provide resources when killed (or harvested). They will never attack players.
  • Aggressive creatures will attack players when alerted. They also drop loot when killed.
  • Bosses are powerful aggressive creatures that must be summoned. Killing them unlocks Forsaken powers, increases world difficulty and provides loot to progress in the game.
  • NPCs are friendly creatures that can't be killed and may provide some service or help to the player.

Passive Creatures

Passive creatures do not attack the player.

Name HP
Crow2.png Crow 1
Deer.png Deer 10
Fish Pike.png Fish 0 (can be picked up when above water)
Gull 0star.png Gull 1
Leviathan.jpg Leviathan 0 (40 each Abyssal barnacle)

Aggressive Creatures

Creatures can have stars representing their level. One-star creatures have double the health and deal 150% damage, while two-stars have triple the health and deal double damage.


  • Creatures will give up chasing after unable to attack for 60 seconds or unable to detect the target for 30 seconds.
  • Some creatures have a max chase range. After chasing that far they will give up if unable to detect the target for 1 seconds.
  • After unable to attack for 15 seconds, creatures will focus structures for 15 seconds if they can't reach the target.
  • Creatures only attack walls and doors if they aren't able to reach the target player.
  • Some creatures are afraid of fire and will flee from it.
  • Some creatures try to avoid fire and will be passive near it.
  • Some creatures circulate around the target while waiting to attack.
  • Swimming creatures try to flee towards land if forced on ground.
  • Creatures passively regenerate 1.67% of their max health every minute (100% over 60 minutes).
  • Creatures gain +30% more effective health per each additional player in the area. E.g. 3 players = +60% effective health.
  • Creatures gain +4% more damage per each additional player in the area. E.g. 3 players = +8% damage.
Name Primary Spawn Base HP Base Damage[1] Notes Weakness Resistance Immune
Boar 0star.png Boar Meadows 10 10 Blunt Afraid of fire Spirit
NeckCreature.png Neck Meadows 5 6 Slash Afraid of fire Fire Poison Spirit
Greyling 0star.png Greyling Meadows 20 5 Slash Avoids fire Fire Poison Spirit
Valheim Greydwarf-1 ver0-79-10.jpg Greydwarf Black Forest 40 14 Slash, 10 Blunt Avoids fire Fire Poison Spirit
Valheim Greydwarf-Brute-1 ver0-79-10.jpg Greydwarf brute Black Forest 150 30 Slash Fire Poison Spirit
GreydwarfShaman.png Greydwarf shaman Black Forest 60 14 Slash, 30 Poison Heals allies for 20 hp over 4 seconds Fire Poison Spirit
Valheim Mountain-Troll-1 ver0-79-10.jpg Troll Black Forest 600 60, 70, 50 Blunt Can destroy all trees, stone, and ores Pierce Blunt Spirit
GhostValheim1.png Ghost Burial Chambers 60 25 Slash No drops Spirit Blunt, Pierce, Slash Poison
Skeleton.png Skeleton Black Forest 40 25 Slash, 20 Pierce Spawns with a melee or ranged weapon Blunt, Fire Pierce, Poison Poison
RancidRemains.png Rancid remains Burial Chambers 100 20 Blunt + 30 Poison Blunt, Fire Pierce, Poison Poison
Roots summoned by The Elder.png Root The Elder 20 55 Blunt Fire Frost Poison, Stagger
Abomination Swamp 800 60, 80, 80 Blunt Can destroy all trees, stone, and ores Fire Blunt, Pierce Frost, Poison, Spirit
Blob.png Blob Swamp 50 90 Poison Able to jump Blunt, Frost, Lightning Pierce Poison, Stagger
Oozer02.png Oozer Swamp 150 115 Poison Able to jump, splits into 2 Blobs when killed Blunt, Frost, Lightning Fire, Pierce, Slash Poison, Stagger
Draugr.png Draugr Meadows, Swamp 100 48 Slash, 48 Pierce Spawns with a melee or ranged weapon Fire Poison
DraugrElite.png Draugr elite Swamp 200 58 Slash Fire Poison
Leech03.png Leech Swamp 60 20 Pierce + 70 Poison Swims Poison Fire, Spirit, Stagger
Surtling02.png Surtling Ashlands, Swamp 20 10 Poison + 40 Fire Frost Fire, Spirit
Wraith02.png Wraith Swamp 100 60 Slash Flies, only spawns at night or inside abandoned houses Fire, Spirit Blunt, Pierce, Slash Frost, Poison
Wolf.png Wolf Mountains 80 70 Slash Moves fast, spawns with stars only at night Spirit
Drake.png Drake Mountains 100 90 Frost Shoots 3 ice spears Fire Frost, Spirit, Stagger
Stone Golem 0star.png Stone Golem Mountains 800 110 Blunt, 110 Pierce Can destroy trees and stone Pickaxe Pierce, Slash Fire, Frost, Poison, Spirit
Fenring02.png Fenring Mountains 300 85, 95 Slash Only spawns at night Fire
Deathsquito02.png Deathsquito Plains 20 90 Pierce Flies, moves very fast Spirit, Stagger
Lox.png Lox Plains 1000 130 Slash, 120 Blunt Can destroy trees and stone Fire Blunt, Frost, Slash Spirit
Fuling.png Fuling Plains 175 85 Blunt / Pierce / Slash, 45 Blunt + 45 Fire Spawns with a melee or ranged weapon Spirit
FulingBerserker03.png Fuling Berserker Plains 800 130 Blunt Can destroy trees and stone Spirit
FulingShaman02.png Fuling shaman Plains 100 100 Blunt, 20 Blunt + 100 Fire Can cast a protective shield over allies in an area. Spirit
Growth.png Growth Plains 100 45 Blunt + 50 Poison Slows down player with Tarred. Blunt, Fire Frost, Pierce, Slash Poison, Stagger
Serpent02.png Serpent Ocean 400 70 Slash Swims, only spawns at night or bad weather Frost Poison Fire, Spirit, Stagger


Also known as the Forsaken, bosses can be summoned by offering specific items (hinted by the Runestones) at their specific spawn site. They have increased HP and special attacks.

A boss site is automatically marked on the player's map by reading the runestone in the specific biomes. There are multiple spawn locations for every boss.

Killing any given boss will reward the ability to use Forsaken powers.

Picture Name Summoning Items to Summon Base HP Base Damage[1] Forsaken Power Weakness Resistance Immunity
Eikthyr02.jpg Eikthyr 3 locations in Meadows 2 Deer trophies 500 20 Pierce, 15 Lightning Your ability to run and jump is improved. (-60%) Stagger
Elder and friends.jpg The Elder 4 locations in Black Forest 3 Ancient seeds 2500 35 Pierce, 60 Blunt Faster wood cutting (+60%). Fire Poison, Spirit, Stagger
Bonemass-banner.jpg Bonemass 5 locations in Swamp 10 Withered bones 5000 80 Blunt + 50 Poison, 130 Poison Resistance VS physical damage. (Blunt, Slash and Pierce) Blunt, Frost Fire, Pierce, Slash Poison, Stagger
Moder.jpg Moder 3 locations Mountain 3 Dragon eggs 7500 30 Pierce + 200 Frost, 110 Slash, 200 Frost Always tailwind when sailing. Fire Frost, Spirit, Stagger
Yagluth Boss.png Yagluth 4 locations Plains 5 Fuling totems 10000 65 Fire + 65 Lightning, 100 Fire, 40 Fire + 20 Lightning, 40 Blunt + 120 Fire Resistance VS magic damage and lightning damage. (Fire, Frost and Lightning) Fire, Pierce Poison, Stagger


NPCs are friendly character that do not take or deal damage.

Name Location
Hugin portrait.png Hugin Spawn near players to explain basics mechanics.
Haldor02.jpg Haldor In a Black Forest biome.
Halstein.jpg Halstein Next to Haldor.
Odin Day.jpg Odin Randomly next to player.
  1. 1.0 1.1 Creature deals up to this amount of damage if unmitigated. Damage range is between 75%-100% of this value.
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