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The Cooking Station is used to cook raw meat type ingredients into their cooked form, or if left too long, into Coal. For the meat to be cooked it is necessary to have a Campfire or Hearth underneath the cooking station. It is possible to stack 6 cooking stations over a single Campfire.

Recipes and cook length

Ingredient Cooking time Output
Neck tail 25 s
Grilled neck tail.png
Grilled neck tail
Boar meat.png
Boar meat 25 s
Cooked boar meat.png
Cooked boar meat
Raw fish.png
Raw fish 25 s
Cooked fish.png
Cooked fish
Deer meat.png
Deer meat 25 s
Deer meat cooked.png
Cooked deer meat
Wolf meat.png
Wolf meat 25 s
Cooked wolf meat.png
Cooked wolf meat

The Iron cooking station is seen as an upgrade to the wooden cooking station and will allow the player to cook Lox meat and Serpent meat in addition to those listed above.