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You can use console commands to affect gameplay, ban users and view various information.

Enable console by adding add launch argument "-console" Press F5 to open or close the command console.

Player Commands

Players command don't require devcommands and can also be used from the chat window. Write "/" and use tab to view available commands.

  • bind [keycode] [command] - Binds a custom command to a Unity keycode.
  • challenge - Challenge emotion.
  • cheer - Cheer emotion.
  • clear - Clears the console window.
  • fov [number] - Changes field of view.
  • hidebetatext - Toggles beta text visibility.
  • help [page] [pages = 5] - Shows the available commands. Optional parameters allow showing only some part of the commands. For example help 2 4 shows the second quarter.
  • info - Prints the current system information.
  • lodbias [number] - Sets the draw distance for the server. The number can be set from 1 to 5.
  • nomap - Toggles map visibility.
  • nonono - Nonono emotion.
  • optterrain - Converts all the old terrain modifications (before Update 0.150.3) in the nearby area to the new system.
  • point - Point emotion.
  • ping - Pings the server to measure latency.
  • printbinds - Prints current custom command binds.
  • resetbinds - Removes all custom commands binds.
  • resetspawn - Resets the spawn location.
  • respawn - Kills the character.
  • s - Shouts a chat message.
  • say - Says a chat message.
  • sit - Sit emotion.
  • thumbsup - Thumbs up emotion.
  • tutorialreset - Resets viewed tutorial messages.
  • tutorialtoggle - Toggles whether the tutorials are shown.
  • unbind [keycode] - Clears all custom command binds from a Unity keycode.
  • wave - Wave emotion.
  • W [player name] - Whispers a chat message to a player.

Admin Commands

Only available when player's SteamId is in the admin list.

  • ban [name/ip/userID] - Bans the named user.
  • banned - Shows a full list of banned users.
  • kick [name/ip/userID] - Kicks the named user.
  • save - Forces the game to save.
  • unban [name/ip/userID] - Unbans the named user.

Cheat Commands

To activate cheat commands, type devcommands and press enter. You'll be able to use the cheat commands below in singleplayer mode. They won't work on a multiplayer server.

To deactivate cheat commands, type devcommands and press enter again.

  • addstatus [name] - Adds a status effect (Rested, Burning, SoftDeath, Wet, etc).
  • beard [beard#] - Permanently changes your beard. Entering this command without an argument removes your beard.
  • clearstatus - Removes any status effects (good and bad).
  • dpsdebug - Toggles dps debug print on and off.
  • env [env]- Sets debug environment.
    • Variables: Clear, Twilight_Clear, Misty, Darklands_dark, Heath clear, DeepForest Mist, GDKing, Rain, LightRain, ThunderStorm, Eikthyr, GoblinKing, nofogts, SwampRain, Bonemass, Snow, Twilight_Snow, Twilight_SnowStorm, SnowStorm, Moder, Ashrain, Crypt, SunkenCrypt.
  • exploremap - Reveals the entire map.
  • event [name] - Starts the named event.
  • ffsmooth 1 - Adds smooth movements to free camera.
  • ffsmooth 0 - Resets smooth movements to normal.
  • fly - Toggles the fly mode (same as in the debug mode).
  • freefly - Toggles the free camera.
  • gc- Shows garbage collection information.
  • genloc - Redistributes all unplaced locations.
  • ghost - Toggle tje ghost mode (enemies ignore you).
  • god - Enables the god mode.
  • goto [x] [y] [z] - Teleports player to the specified coordinates. The [y] is optional.
  • hair [hair#] - Permanently changes your hair. Entering this command without an argument removes your hair.
  • heal - Heals you to full Health.
  • killall - Kills all nearby enemies and creatures, including tamed (same as in the debug mode).
  • listkeys - Lists all global keys.
  • location [name] - Spawns a location instance. Permanently disables saving.
  • model [0-1] - Switches character model from masculine to feminine.
  • nocost - Toggles the no cost mode (same as in the debug mode).
  • players [number] - Adjusts the difficulty scale. Enter 0 to reset difficulty.
  • pos - Shows player coordinates.
  • puke - Resets fullness/hunger, returning you to default Health/Stamina.
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount] - Raises (or lowers) the named skill by the value entered.
  • randomevent - Starts a random event.
  • removedrops - Removes all items drops in the area (same as in the debug mode).
  • resetcharacter - Resets all of your character data.
  • resetenv - Resets the debug environment.
  • resetkeys [name] - Resets the specified key.
  • resetmap - Hides entire map.
  • resetskill [skill] - Sets specified skill level to 0.
  • resetwind - Resets the wind angle and intensity.
  • save - Forces the game to save the current world state.
  • setkey [name] - Sets new global key.
  • setpower [name] - Sets the current Forsaken power and resets the cooldown (GP_Eikthyr, GP_TheElder, etc).
  • skiptime [seconds = 240] - Skips forward, changing day number and time of day.
  • sleep - Skips forward one day.
  • spawn [entity name] [amount] [level] - Spawns specified entity (see ItemIDs for a list of spawnable entities).
    • All item drops will be spawned one by one. Spawning thousands of items can make the game freeze before the item drops get autostacked.
    • Level only affects creatures. High level creatures (level 10+) can make the game freeze on death by dropping thousands of items.
    • Some spawnable entites can't be removed from the game without using mods.
  • stopevent - Stops the current event.
  • tame - Tames all nearby Creatures.
  • time - Shows the current time and whether sleeping is possible.
  • tod [0-1] - Sets time of day. 0 and 1 are both midnight. 0.5 is noon. -1 revert to default.
  • wind [angle] [intensity] - Adjusts the direction and intensity of the wind.
    • angle = degree vector from 0 to 360 (0 is wind from south, 270 is wind from east)
    • intensity = value from 0 to 1.0
    • For example: "wind 90 0.5" gives a moderate strength wind blowing from west to east

Debug Mode

You can also enter debug mode to access a few more cheats and what is essentially a creative mode. You can toggle fly and build without a workbench or resources. To enter this mode type debugmode in the command console. You can type debugmode again to exit debug mode.

To access your new abilities, you can press the buttons below while it is enabled:

  • B - Toggle for creative mode building, no workbench or resources needed.
  • K - Tap to kill all nearby enemies and creatures (including tamed creatures) within range.
  • L - Removes all item drops in the area.
  • Z - Toggle to fly. Spacebar gives you altitude, Ctrl brings you back down.