Valheim Wiki

The Valheim Wiki is intended to be a place for all Valheim players to come and collaborate, sharing their knowledge, bits of wisdoms, war stories, and everything else related to the game and their experience. To that end, we would like to establish some basic rules, so that we can all get along and focus on not getting eaten by the challenges of the Tenth World.

General attitude
  1. Be civil towards each other. Disagreements should be resolved by talking and finding a consensus (or compromise, if it proves elusive), rather than insults, personal attacks, or other uncivilized methods. Yes, bare chested fist fights at dawn are off the table too, sorry.
  2. Assume good faith. An edit that seems disruptive at a glance might actually be an inexperienced editor or an expert one making an error. In these cases, helping them out by providing guidance or correcting the error and dropping them a quick note will help grow the community and distribute the editing load.
  3. Let the admins and moderators do their jobs. Also called backseat moderating, if an actual bad faith editor appears, just undo their edits and report them to the administration. They will take it from there.
  4. Do not grief. This goes without saying, but do not let disagreements on the wiki translate into disagreements in-game, unless you plan to resolve differences by the aforementioned bare chested fist fights at dawn (which is the sole exception to rule #1).
  1. Edits should be made in plain English. Keep it understandable. If a visitor perusing our encyclopedia arrives at the conclusion that it is incomprehensible, it is deleterious to the quality of this domain, n'est ce pas? Keep in mind our Manual of Style.
  2. Avoid profanity. While curses have their place in everyday speech, they tend to disrupt the flow of articles and get in the way of the wiki.
  3. Avoid excessive deletions. Most content can be successfully retooled and integrated in the wiki, rather than outright deleted.
  1. Admins or special rights holders may block users who repeatedly violate these rules, in particular those who demonstrate hostile or disruptive behaviors and show no sign of improvement after warning.
  2. Block durations start at 24 hours, and graduate to 3 days, to 1 week, to permanent. In severe cases, the rights holder may elect to skip to permanent blocks.
  3. Permanent blocks may be reviewed after one month, by another admin.