A Campfire is a type of structure in Valheim.


A campfire can be crafted from the very beginning using a Hammer. It is found under the Misc tab.

How to build a Campfire

  1. Select the Hammer.
  2. Press the right mouse button to bring up the build menu.
  3. Switch to the "Misc" tab.
  4. Select the campfire with the left mouse button.
  5. Press the left mouse button to place the campfire.


  • A campfire can only be built on the ground, natural rocks or player placed stone structures.
  • Greylings and Greydwarfs fear fire and will flee from fire.
  • Greydwarf brutes and Greydwarf shamans don't fear fire and will attack you regardless of campfire proximity.
  • A campfire must be fueled with wood in order to function.
  • Campfires stop working if exposed to rainy weather without a roof.
  • Active campfires create smoke. If the campfire is created within an enclosed space, the smoke can build up causing any players inside to be Smoked and take 2 hp/tick damage. To safely place a campfire indoors, the interior space must be large enough to let the smoke naturally dissipate or be vented out through a chimney or other holes.
    • The smoke appears to have a 1 block diameter, so to use multiple campfires, larger or more chimneys will become necessary.
  • Campfires protects players from the Freezing Effect.
  • It removes the Cold Effect and adds the Fire Effect.
  • The Fire Effect for the Campfire extends for about 7-8 units (3-4 floor tiles).
  • Wet players dry significantly faster when close to Campfires.
  • It can be used for cooking (in combination with a Cooking station or a Cauldron or a combination of both).
  • It is required for a bed to be used for sleeping, but will not prevent it from being a spawn point.
  • Destroying the campfire with a hammer will yield back just the 5 stones used for construction. All wood that was used as fuel and for the initial construction will not be dropped.
  • With 1/10 fuel, a Campfire will last for 1 hours and 23 minutes. At maximum capacity a Campfire should burn for 13 hours and 53 minutes. This duration is the same for the Bonfire.
  • Campfires will take 10 damage every time it sets an entity on fire.


  • Though previously you may have been able to place a campfire onto Log beams, which would have made it very easy to place a campfire inside a house without destroying the floor, it appears to now trigger the "Invalid Placement" message instead.
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