A Burial Chamber entrance covered by a tree

Burial Chambers are dungeons in Valheim.

General information

Burial Chambers are early-game dungeons located in the Black Forest and (very rarely) in Meadows biomes.

They are composed of several rooms linked by maze-like hallways, sometimes going up or down. They house the important Surtling cores necessary for constructing Charcoal kilns and Smelters but also contain other items such as precious gems, Yellow mushrooms, Bone fragments and Coins.

Rooms are occasionally guarded by Ghosts and Skeletons emerging from Evil bone piles.



Since the Burial Chamber is effectively a maze and can be quite confusing due to same-looking corridors and distracting fights, standard maze-tricks are quite helpful: The best strategy is to choose one side upon entering (left or right) and always follow that wall. This ensures that you not only find back to the exit, but also ensures that you have seen absolutely every room in it when you reach the end (when your next "left" or "right" path would be to take the exit).

Also note that loot can be scattered on the floor in some places (small altar-ish looking forks in the hallways, as well as the obvious loot-chambers), which might be missed when not on the lookout for it.


Amount Item Chance
1-3 Amber.png Amber (20%)
10-30 Coins.png Coins (20%)
1-10 Feathers.png Feathers (20%)
5-10 Flinthead arrow.png Flinthead arrow (20%)
1-2 Ruby.png Ruby (20%)


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