A Bonfire is a buildable structure in Valheim.

Advantages compared to the Campfire

  • Lights a much larger area
  • Does not go out in rain/storm


  • Using a Surtling core on a bonfire produces a firework like effect.


  • The Bonfire is a larger variant of the Campfire, and serves the same functions as a campfire does (light, cooking, drying, warming up), with some added benefits. Bonfires can only be placed on the ground and on stone structures.
  • Multiple Cooking stations can be placed around the Bonfire, however, the cauldron does not work as it needs the fire directly underneath it.
  • The Bonfire's fire effect applies up to 10m (5 floors) away from its edges.
  • With 1/10 fuel, a Bonfire will last for 1 hour and 23 minutes. At maximum capacity a Bonfire should burn for 13 hours and 53 minutes. This duration is the same for the Campfire.
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