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Boars are aggressive creatures found in Meadows. They are wild swine animals that can be tamed and bred.


Item 0 Star 1 Star 2 Star
Boar trophy.png Boar trophy 15% 15% 15%
Leather scraps.png Leather scraps 1 2 4
Boar meat.png Boar meat 1 2 4


Type Limit Frequency Stars
Anywhere in Meadows 4 Common After 800 meters from the world center
1-9 spawn points near Boar runestones - One time Yes
0-2 spawn points near abandoned farms in Meadows - One time Yes
From breeding 5, within 10 meters - Inherited from the parent
During "Eikthyr rallies the creatures of the forest" event before defeating Eikthyr 2 Very common No


See: Aggressive Creature Strategies


For general taming information and strategies see Taming.

When close to a boar, a status tag that shows whether they are 'wild' or 'tame' and whether they are 'hungry', 'happy', 'frightened' or 'acclimatizing'.

Approaching a wild boar without sneaking will always frighten it and cause it to attack the player. Boars will continuously chase the player until the player runs far enough away for the boar to lose sight of the player. Once the boar is no longer chasing the player, its second status will return to 'hungry'. They have a repeating combat pattern: charge, retreat, charge, retreat, etc. The distance they retreat seems fixed and is only affected when their path is obstructed. Understanding that a boar is only 'temporarily' retreating when targeting a player can make 'herding' them easier.

When tamed, boars seek freedom. If a tamed boar sees an opening within their fenced area they will run toward through it. This can be used to corral the boars from place to place.


Boars can breed provided there are at least two within close proximity of each other and are happy and well-fed. In order to do this, carrots and other crops may be thrown on the ground close to where they are standing. If they are hungry, they will almost immediately walk over towards the dropped food and consume it.



  • Wild boar are afraid of fire, including torches, and will enter the 'frightened' state when it is nearby. As of version 0.206.5 fire no longer frightens tamed animals.
  • As written on a Runestone: "This land is hard and wild but we who are brought here are harder still. Take comfort, traveller, in the gifts before you, the good wood and stone, the fruits and flowers of the forest. Look also to the wild boar who roam these lands. They fear fire and the hand of man but they can be taught to obey it. Go quietly to them and let them eat of your stock. Roots of the ground are their pleasure."
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