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Blobs are aggressive creatures found in Swamps. They are large, gelatinous piles of sentient ooze that emit poisonous green gasses.


Item 0 Star
Blob trophy.png Blob trophy 10%
Ooze.png Ooze 1


Type Limit Frequency Stars
Anywhere in Swamp 2 Uncommon No
Common spawn point in Sunken Crypts - One time No
From the spawn ability of Bonemass (up to 4 per ability) 8 - No
During "A foul smell from the swamp" event after defeating Bonemass 5 Very common No


See: Aggressive Creature Strategies



  • Blobs can follow players out to the ocean and jump into boats.
  • Entering a Sunken Crypt and leaving Blobs alive there will count towards spawn caps effectively suppressing their spawns in a large area (including the Bonemass ability).
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