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A Blast furnace is a buildable structure in Valheim.

It is an upgraded version of the Smelter, although it can't smelt the ores that the Smelter can.

General information

The Blast furnace is used to process certain raw materials into Metal using Coal as fuel. Materials that can be smelted are:

The Blast furnace uses approximately 1 Coal every 15 seconds as fuel. It takes 31 seconds to produce one bar of Metal.

It can hold a total of 20 coal and 10 ores.


It will be unlocked after the player has killed Moder and built an Artisan table.

Blast furnaces can be placed directly onto terrain and stone structures. Currently, they cannot be placed on wood structures but it is possible to bypass this to a extent by terraforming terrain with a Hoe to be in line with wooden floors.

Unlike the Smelter, Blast furnaces have both of their refueling ports to the LEFT of the bar chute.