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Black forges are base structures used for crafting and repairing Mistlands items. They require a roof and 70% cover to be usable. Repairing items doesn't cost any resources.


Upgrading a black forge enables additional crafting recipes and higher upgrade levels for items. A black forge can be upgraded up to level 5 by building the following structures near it:

Icon Name Materials
Black forge cooler Black forge cooler 5 Iron
5 Copper
4 Black marble
Vice Vice 5 Iron
8 Copper
2 Mechanical spring
Metal cutter
Metal cutter 5 Black marble
5 Flametal
5 Ashwood
4 Charred bone
Gem cutter
Gem cutter 5 Flametal
8 Ashwood
2 Morgen sinew
1 Bloodstone
Total (Black forge included) 19 Black marble
10 Yggdrasil wood
5 Black core
10 Iron
13 Copper
2 Mechanical spring
10 Flametal
13 Ashwood
4 Charred bone
2 Morgen sinew
1 Bloodstone