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The Black Forest is a biome in Valheim.


Black Forest biomes are forests full of dense vegetation, with a mix of pine and fir trees. The Black Forest may have large hills with exposed rock, and is the only biome where Copper and Tin can be mined, after defeating Eikthyr and acquiring a pickaxe like the Antler pickaxe. Large amounts of Greydwarfs are present, along with the rare Troll, and Skeletons around burial tombs or dungeons. Most Burial Chambers generated in the world will be located in the Black Forest - these are the player's first source of Surtling cores which allow the player to build a smelter and begin processing metals. Typically, the player will explore the Black Forest as the second biome after the meadows.






Amount Item Chance
1-2 Amber.png Amber (25%)
5-30 Coins.png Coins (25%)
2-4 Feathers.png Feathers (25%)
5-10 Flinthead arrow.png Flinthead arrow (25%)
  • Barrels: (2-3 of the following)
Amount Item Chance
2-4 Blueberries.png Blueberries (12.5%)
5-8 Coal.png Coal (12.5%)
2-3 Deer hide.png Deer hide (12.5%)
2-3 Flint.png Flint (12.5%)
2-4 Greydwarf eye.png Greydwarf eye (12.5%)
2-3 Leather scraps.png Leather scraps (12.5%)
3-6 Resin.png Resin (12.5%)
2-3 Tin ore.png Tin ore (12.5%)



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