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Biomes are regions in the world of Valheim that can be distinguished by their unique aesthetics, as well as the creatures and resources contained within. Additionally, each biome is the domain of one of the Forsaken.

Biome Description Availability (from the world center)
Early Game
Biome meadows
Starting biome of new worlds filled with Birch, Beech, and Oak trees which is inhabited by low level mobs. From 0 to 5100 meters
Biome blackforest
Black Forest
Dark and hostile forest of Fir and Pine trees with more resources, including Core wood, Tin, and Copper. From 500 to 8000 meters
Biome ocean
Found off the coast in deep waters. Home to Leviathans and Sea Serpents. Below -26 meters altitude (excluding Ashlands)
Mid Game
Biome swamp
Dangerous, shadowy area with shallow water full of Leeches, Crypts filled with Draugrs, and poisonous Blobs. From 2000 to 6000 meters (for worlds created after Mistlands update. In older worlds, 2000 to 8000 meters).
Biome mountain
Tall frozen mountains teeming with Wolves and flying Drakes that resist the biome's biting cold. Above 50 meters altitude (excluding Ashlands), from 600 meters
Biome heath
Warm sunny area with golden grass and killer bugs. Home to the Fuling clan, Lox and Deathsquitoes. From 2900 to 8000 meters
Late Game
Biome mistlands
A fog-covered land with rocky terrain and Yggdrasil shoots, inhabited by Hares, Dvergrs and hostile insects such as Seekers. From 5900 to 10000 meters
Biome ashlands
A fiery realm, the terrain changes the more inland one travels, with central parts taken up by lava. The undead army of Charred make up most of the population. South edge of the world
Deep North
Snow-capped hills with frozen rivers in the far north of Valheim.
North edge of the world


  • The term "biome" comes from the ecological concept of the same name.
  • At Valheim's launch in February 2021, five of the planned nine biomes were made available to explore. The other four were accessible, but lacked any meaningful content.