Types: Edit

  • Green Forest - starting area of new worlds covered in spruce trees and grass.
  • Deep Forest - darker and more hostile forest of spruces and pines with more resources.
  • Swamp - even more darker and hostile area with ponds and dead trees.
  • Heath - warm area with sand and rocks.
  • Mountain - cold area covered in snow.
  • Water

Points of interest: Edit

  • Rune Stone - big rock with red runes written on one side of it. It is guarded by a group of hostile creatures related to the Lore text on it.
  • Stonehenge - a place with an altar surrounded by boulders and a group of Greydwarfs. Grants reward upon killing Greydwarfs.
  • Abandoned house - ruined structure made of wood. Often surrounded by hostile creatures. Contains a random chest with loot.
  • Glade - little area with dirt covered ground and a stump in a middle surrounded by trees. Protected by a group of Greydwarfs. Grants reward upon killing Greydwarfs.
  • Abandoned outpost - ruined tower made of stone. Often got some Draugrs outside and inside, and crows flying around. Contains a chest with loot.
  • Little ruins - a ruins of stone house with a chest of loot inside protected by Draugrs.
  • Tower - a structure of stone with two torches and a chest with loot on top.
  • Tomb - a tomb-like structure with entrance to dungeon-instance. Often surrounded by Draugrs. Dungeon-instance also contains a lot of Draugrs and chests with loot.
  • Camp ruins - small circular area surrounded by walls with some clutter and a chest with loot inside. It is also a place of Forest Troll spawn.