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Barley is a lootable item.


  • Upon entering a Fuling Village, check the area surrounding the dwellings for a small patch of cultivated land. This is where you can usually find 15-20 planted barley ready to harvest for 2 Barley each. Occasionally, flax can be found here too.
  • Barley can only be planted and harvested in the Plains biome, using a Cultivator. It takes between 4000s and 5000s (between 66m40s and 83m20s, or about 2.22-2.78 in-game days) for it to fully grow.
  • Barley can also be found inside of random chests while in a Plains biome.



  • Fully grown Barley will be harvested when damaged by weapons. AoE attacks, such as those of the Stagbreaker, Iron sledge, or Atgeir special attack, are very effective for fast harvesting. No Barley is lost with this method when compared to harvesting it by hand.