The Banded shield is the third round shield available to players.

It has less block power compared to Iron tower shield but can be used to parry enemy attacks.

Upgrade information

Quality 1 2 3
Block power 60 65 70
Durability 200 250 300

• 10 Fine wood
• 8 Iron

• 10 Fine wood
• 4 Iron

• 20 Fine wood
• 8 Iron

Forge level 2 3 4


  • When crafting, players can customize the shield with a few different pre-set designs and colours by clicking the button beneath the item name in the crafting window.
  • Despite being an upgrade of the Bronze buckler, the Banded shield has a lower parry bonus which makes it have less block power when parrying (up to 7.5 - 11.25 when fully upgraded depending on the blocking skill).

    The four styles of the banded shield


  • The Banded Shield is sometimes known as "Viking Shield" in the game files.
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