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The Ashlands is a biome. It is an ashy, barren waste located to the south of every map that is only home to Surtlings (excluding Fire geysers). It occupies a large, thin crescent shape along the south border.

Many large land masses and smaller islands interspersed with flaming creatures milling about.

Sometimes, a group of Surtlings can be found around Glowing metal.

The Glowing Metal can be mined with an Iron pickaxe to produce Flametal ore.




  • The content for this biome is temporary, as it has yet to be developed and is subject to change.
  • An update for the Ashlands will likely be far into the future, since there is no mention of it on the current Road map.
  • The Ashlands are possibly a reference to Muspelheim, the realm in the south made of fire and guarded by the fire giant Surtr in Norse mythology.


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