The Antler pickaxe is the first pickaxe available to players.

It can be used to mine Copper deposit, Muddy scrap pile, Stone and Tin deposit.

Its primary attack is a melee attack that destroys ground. It doesn't have a secondary attack.

Upgrade information

Quality 1
Pierce 20
Mining 20
Durability 100
Crafting 10 Wood
1 Hard antler
Workbench level 1


  • Despite its description, the Antler Pickaxe is the weakest pickaxe in the game, however, it is sufficient for mining Iron
  • When the Antler Pickaxe is acquired, Hugin will say "Now go forth and strike the earth!". This is a reference to the new game message in the game, Dwarf Fortress.
  • Due to being repairable at a workbench and capable of mining Iron it can even be preferrable over other pickaxes for this
  • The attack hitbox reaches below the player's feet allowing to dig down. This easily causes a 33% damage penalty for hitting the ground when not above or very close to the target.
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