The Abyssal harpoon is an utility spear available to players.

Its primary attack throws the spear and latches onto non- boss creatures.

When a leashed enemy moves too far away, they are dragged towards the player, draining the player's stamina constantly.

Attacking again or with any other weapon, moving too far away from the leashed target, running out of stamina, or attempting to drag the target through impassable terrain or structures will break the leash.

Upgrade information

Quality 1
Pierce 10
Durability 50
Crafting 8 Fine wood
30 Chitin
3 Leather scraps
Workbench level 2

Player Launchers

When PvP is enabled, the harpoon can be hooked onto other players. This can be useful in PvP, but the elastic properties of the leash can also be used for making player launchers.

The basic idea is to have one player harpoon another, and then have the harpooned player closed off behind a door. The player holding the harpoon then walks as far away as possible without breaking the leash, stretching it to its maximum. Once the leash has been fully stretched, the harpooned player opens the door, and they shoot towards the other player at high speed.

If there is some sort of ramp between the two players, the player who is launched can be thrown up the ramp. However, the player holding the harpoon must release it after the other player starts moving forward, as the leash will drag the player back if it is still attached.


  • The Abyssal Harpoon is mostly a utility weapon which can be used for relocating creatures, such as boars into pens, or for dragging Sea Serpents to land, making their Serpent scales and trophy recoverable (these items normally sink to the bottom of water out of sight).
  • Interacting with a ship's rudder will not break the leash.
  • A Medium stamina mead may be helpful to maintain contact with a leashed target, because the stamina regeneration will occur even while the leashed target struggles to escape.
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