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Abominations are aggressive creatures found in the Swamps. They are large tree-like entities comprised of multiple branches and four sturdy roots which it uses as legs to move around.

Due to its weakness to fire damage, killing it with Fire arrows is a valid option. Slashing damage (Axes, Swords, Knifes) takes it down quite rapidly. With a Banded shield or better, its attacks can be parried and the creature defeated surprisingly easily.


Item 0 Star
Abomination trophy Abomination trophy 50%
Guck Guck 3-4
Root Root 5


Type Limit Frequency Stars
Middle of the Swamps 1 Rare No

Attacks and abilities[]

For strategies for defeating Abominations, see Aggressive creature strategies § Abomination.



  • The idle form of the abomination looks a lot like a tree stump. They tend to spawn in open water areas, sometimes among reeds. They also give off the Swamp's typical green gas effect, which is a big giveaway.
  • Due to the limited number of locations that match the spawn criteria, they can often appear to spawn in similar locations each time. They will not respawn in a zone during the cooldown period of 4000 seconds or around 66 minutes.
  • Abominations are quite perceptive but their activation range is greater than their detection range.
  • If they are killed in deep water, the guck will sink and possibly be lost, but the root, and the trophy if one is dropped, floats.
  • The Root item drop opens access to the Root Set, which requires 66 Root in total to craft and fully upgrade. Thus requiring 14 abomination kills in all, from the fixed 5 Root per drop.
  • Despite appearances, abominations are not considered trees by the Elder power.
  • As abominations are weak to fire, players can lure them over Fire geysers for a speedy kill. Fire stacks up to a point, so keeping them over the flame by kiting them will keep adding fire stacks.