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The Abomination is a large, tree-like creature that can be found in Swamps.


Item 0 Star
Abomination trophy.png Abomination trophy 50%
Guck.png Guck 3-4
Root.png Root 5


Type Limit Frequency Stars
Anywhere in Swamp Unlimited Rare No

Strategy & Tips

  • You can lure Abominations over the flame geysers to deal large amounts of fire damage without using any weapons. This strategy can be easier to put into practice by using a pickaxe to lower the ground around the geyser so Surtlings instantly die before attempting to move.
  • If you are able to successfully parry an Abomination attack when using the above strategy (can be done with Banded Shield), and the Abomination is standing over the fire at the time, the fire damage it takes will be critical hits and finish him off in only a couple ticks.

The idle form of the abomination looks a lot like a tree stump, so make sure to be careful around them! They tend to spawn in open water areas, sometimes among reeds. They also give off the Swamp's typical green gas effect, which is a big giveaway.

Abominations are quite perceptive but their activation range is greater than their detection range, meaning they crawl out of the water before being able to 'see' the player, making it easy to escape should you wish to avoid one.

  • The Root item drop opens access to the Root Set, which requires 66 Root in total to craft and fully upgrade. Thus requiring 14 Abomination kills in all, from the fixed 5 Root per drop.
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